The Holy Ganga, Complete English Essay, Paragraph for Students of Class 9, 10, 11, 12 Examination.

The Holy Ganga

‘Ganga Tera Pani Amrit’ this is a very correct symbolical depiction of the Holy Ganga which poured down to blow the balanced bodies and such particles after the end of Mahabharata. History further reveals that Ganga, the blessing of Devtas, poured down through the locks of Lord Shiva. This was actually a humanity welfare step of Lord Shiva. Ganga is, thus, to bring solace to the pairs of humanity.

It starts from Gangotri and joins the sea at Ganga Sagar, a place in Bengal. Its root moves from Rishikesh, Haridwar, Allahabad, Kanpur, Varanasi, Garh Ganga to further eastwards till it reaches the Bay of Bengal. Ganga has very sweet and pure water. Inspite of the religious pollution and negligent usage of the people, Ganga remains the best cleaning agent. The religious and historical relativity of the Ganga has made it one of the Holiest Rivers of the world. Ganga water is also found to be useful for the cultivation of vegetables, fruits, and other crops.

Despite knowing the fact that the river Ganga has a very important role to play, mankind has used it in the shabbiest manner. They open all the garbage drains in the river. The dead bodies with all the contagious and infected diseases are thrown in the flowing water of this river. Some of the cities even throw dead animals such as dogs, pigs and unclaimed cows in the river. The pollution level of water of this river is increasing day by day and people hardly bother about it.

The actual control about the maintenance is administered by priests and pandas. They wish to exploit every dip in Ganga and hardly bother about return efforts for the river. The normal travellers are keen to pass a day smoothly on the river. They have no interest in the cleanliness of Ganga Water. Manikarnika Ghat and Raja Harishchandra Ghat are some of the prominent river banks in Varanasi, where the old-time some control the activities. The dead bodies are cremated on these Ghats.

Besides the religious history, the Ganga has sentimental and deep values for Indians. Every house wants to maintain a casket of Gangajal. People like to mix this water in their food every day. They even sprinkle water in the house for ‘Shuddhi’.

Ganga, a symbol of spiritualism and sentiments, has so much to give, provided we take it in a systematic manner. Ganga Cleaning Board has been formed. It is taking all the steps to improve the conditions of the river. Ganga’s popularity has a great effect even on NRI’s attachments. They are as much willing to spare funds for its improvement. Ganga can certainly attach masses if it is maintained in a proper manner. Haridwar and Rishikesh are today improving the setups. The panda ruling has undergone a change by the establishment of trusts in the management. The city drains have been diverted to other areas. Congestion of population is being shifted to remote areas.

Let the masses vow to maintain properly sacred to the flourishing Ganga. Let this river guide the path of love and peace for all.

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