Letter to the Editor on bad condition of Roads and Choked Sewers. English Letter for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students

Letter to the Editor on bad condition of Roads and Choked Sewers.

L. Bose

170, Priyadarshini Vihar,


7 December 20 …….

The Editor

Hindustan Times

Kasturba Gandhi Marg



Through your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities and the representatives of the people of our area to the appalling civic conditions around here. The roads are full of potholes. Riding a vehicle on these roads is nothing short of torture. There is a joke going around here that sit in a moving three-wheeler with a pitcher of curd over this road and five minutes later you will be skimming chunks of butter from the churned up curd. It is just impossible to carry a sick person to a hospital or clinic.

The choked sewers make the matters worse. The drains keep overflowing flooding the roads. That makes the roads more dangerous. Many children have fallen in water-filled ditches, potholes, and manholes. Complaints to the authorities have fallen on deaf ears. Even a T.V. report on our plight merely evoked assurances but no action has been taken. Let us see what reaction this letter in your reputed newspaper draws out?

Yours faithfully

L. Bose

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