Letter to the Bank requestioning for an overdraft facility. English Letter for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Letter to the Bank requestioning for an overdraft facility.

Manoj Publications

761, Main Road, Burari Delhi-110084

Ph. 22761136, 37, 38

Date : 9th August, 200…

Ref: MP-470/8-007

The Manager

UTI Bank, Amardeep Building

Shakti Nagar, N. Delhi-110007

Subject: Overdraft facility on our C/A No-11905.

Dear Sir,

We have a large order for books from our customers for the coming book season when the new classes in schools begin. We don’t like to incur defaults in our financial obligations to the printers, paper suppliers, and booksellers.

Hence, we request you to consider granting us an overdraft facility of Rs. 50,000 only for a period of three months from 1st March, 20…. to 31st May, 20… to enable us to meet our obligations. By way of security, we would deposit with you F.D. Receipts worth Rs. 1,00,000 only. Our fixed Deposits are with your Bank.

We trust that the above-mentioned security will be found adequate and you will agree to allow us an overdraft facility for the requested amount. Our accountant will complete the necessary formalities after we get your reply which shall be eagerly awaited.

Please treat our request as an urgent matter.

Yours faithfully


(Vinay Gupta)


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