Letter to S.H.O. of your locality reporting the theft of your motorbike. English Letter for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

Letter to S.H.O. of your locality reporting the theft of your motorbike.

D-26, Asian Games Village

Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110015

October 5, 20…

The Station House Officer

Malviya Nagar Police Station

New Delhi-110015

Subject: Theft of my motorbike no. DL5S 0061.


I am sorry to report the theft of my motorbike (TVS Star) Reg No. DL 5S 0061, yesterday in the morning. On 4th October (yesterday) I went to Hauz Khas market to buy medicine for my sick father which were needed urgently as the doctor was waiting for the same. I parked my bike outside Modem Pharmaceuticals and Chemists and rushed inside the shop.

There was a lot of noise outside with vehicles coming, parking, or driving away. For one of the drugs on my list, the shop attendant had to go up the ladder and hunt in the top shelves. This exercise took-my attention as I kept asking, the attendant to hurry up. Thus, I was able to come out of the shop only after a lapse of 20 minutes. Out there, to my horror, I found that my red bike was not where I had parked it. I looked around and asked a few people who stood around ‘there. No one knew anything about my bike. I rushed home on a rickshaw and handed over the medicines to my mother. Then, I rushed back to the market to look for my bike but failed to find it. I was told that the market was notorious for the thefts of bicycles and motorbikes. I hope you will take action immediately and trace my motorbike. Photocopies of the documents related to the vehicle are enclosed herewith with the purchase bill.

Yours faithfully

Rakesh Kumar

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