Letter to Friend Congratulating on him Marriage, English letter for Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 Students.

Congratulations on Marriage

 Dear Vijay

The tidings of your marriage with Shakuntala has delighted us all beyond measure. With all her charm and loveliness, she is a girl in a million. Though you are rather late in marriage, the rest of your lives are going to be very happy indeed.

The wonderful news has cast a spell on our household. Even the maidservant, who served you last, is dancing with delight. It has put aside our grave assumptions that you were going to be confirmed bachelor for the rest of your life. Our best congratulations to the girl who made you change your mind.

Give her our affectionate greetings and do not fail to inform us when next you pass through Delhi to Kanpur so that we may have the greater pleasure of meeting your bride and wish ‘you-all’ in person every good fortune.

Every affectionately


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