Letter to Editor regarding Wrong Billing. English Letter for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students

Letter to Editor regarding Wrong Billing.

Ram Chaubey

A-437, Gautam Nagar

New Delhi-110029

March 17, 20…….

The Editor

The Hindu

Waziput Industrial Complex


Subject: Wrong Electricity Billing

Sir, A week back we received our electricity bill for January-February No. AB-NDPL-45087 Dated, March 2, 20…..  for Rs. 16282 only which was really a big shocker. In no way could we utilize so much electricity in mere two months of winter. In our small flat, we have only three bulbs. The kitchen and bathroom bulbs are switched on only when required. We only have a small. T.V. set and we don’t possess any electric/electronic gadget except a cooler which had no use during cold months. Besides this, there also is the fact that during January our entire family had gone to our native village for two weeks. We pointed out these facts to the NDPL authorities but they refused to entertain our complaint.

Infect the Discom officials have threatened to cut off our electric connection if we failed to pay the bill within 15 days. You can realize our predicament. Either it is a computer goof-up or a grossly faulty meter. There is no justice for helpless citizens like me. Through this column of your esteemed newspaper, I appeal to the concerned authorities to pay immediate attention to my case and me from Franz Kafka like situation.

Yours faithfully

Ram Chaubey

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