Letter from daughter complaining about school. English letter for School Students of Class 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12

Letter from daughter complaining about school.

My Dear Daddy,

I am quite well here and hope, dear Daddy, you and mother are all enjoying good health.

It is only one month since I joined this school and I have already lost three pounds. The school is not at all good and I feel I shall not add anything to my knowledge.

My classmates are hardly a desirable company. Most of the girls use filthy language. They are not at all disciplined and they do not respect the teachers. Most of the time they are spending in canteen and talking about movies etc.

Our hostel is yet another nuisance. The rooms are too small to accommodate two persons. There are no fans in the rooms. It appears as if the rooms have been white washed. Mess arrangements are extremely poor. The staff served is not worth an average diet while the charges are very high.

I therefore, feel that you should get me admitted in some other school in a different town. When I am always from my home it hardly matters whether the distance is 100 or 1000 miles.

Your loving daughter

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