Letter for an insurance claim. English Letter for Class 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 Students.

A letter for an insurance claim.

2-SS, 11th floor,

Barisal Apartments,

Dwarka (Sec. 6)

New Delhi

April 8, 20…

Mr. R. L. Khandekar

Claims Department

HOMQ. Safety Insurance Co.

Gloria Complex, DLF Phase-V


Subject: Pipe repair claim. Policy No. 1840-72-05.

Dear Sir,

A water pipe burst in our kitchen on 12th February, 20…as already reported by us to your office on the very next day. The water overflow damaged the wall and the floor of the kitchen. The water also entered our drawing-room ruining the carpet and causing damage to our furniture.

Mr. Shamlal Rastogi, the insurance adjuster for your company duly paid a visit to our house to survey the damage on 28th February, 20… He gave us an estimate of Rs. 70,000/- only to repair the damage. We thought it was reasonable. We duly hired the laborers and got the damages repaired. It cost us Rs. 68,550-00 only, which was well within the estimate.

Enclosed herewith find the copy of Mr. Sham Lal Rastogi’s estimate .and the copies of the receipts of the bills for services of a plumber, carpenters, and interior decorators. Please issue the cheque in my favor for the above-mentioned claim amount.

Yours faithfully


Chandran Nayyar

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