Essay, Paragraph on “The Unreasonable Customer” English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students of Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

The Unreasonable Customer

Mr. and Mrs. Leek were at a swanky restaurant that sold spicy food. They were looking forward to tasting the delicious curry. The restaurant was famous for its fish curry.

Mr. and Mrs. Leek chose the restaurant’s signature dishes. However, they were shocked to see the dishes when they arrived. The curry was very watery and the rice looked like porridge. The plate of sambal vegetables was overcooked. The curry was tasteless. Mr. and Mrs. Leek were infuriated. They kicked up a fuss in the restaurant and demanded to see the manager. The manager apologized and immediately changed the food for them. He even gave them free drinks but Mr. and Mrs. Leek turned him down. They were still dissatisfied with the food. They demanded to see the chef. The worried chef came out to apologize to them immediately. Mr. and Mrs. Leek did not accept his apology. They mocked him for being a bad cook. They then got up from their seats and left the restaurant without paying.

The manager and the chef stared after them helplessly. There was nothing they could do. They hoped that their reputation would not be spoilt by what had happened.

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