Essay, Paragraph on “The Reckless Boy” English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students of Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Reckless Boy

It was the school holidays and Jason was coming back from the shopping centre with his mother. He missed his friends. He wished the school would start soon. Just then, Jason saw his classmate, Tom, across the road. He shouted for him and waved excitedly. Tom noticed him and waved back too.

Jason asked his mother for permission to talk to Tom. She nodded her head. She was about to tell him to cross the road at the zebra crossing ahead but Jason did not hear her. He immediately dashed across the road. A car was speeding toward him but Jason did not notice it. He was in the middle of the road when a loud horn pierced the air. Jason stopped in his tracks. His legs felt like jelly. He was too frightened to move. Tom covered his mouth in horror. Jason’s mother rushed onto the road to pull him back. She was just in time. The car sped past Jason. It missed him by inches.

Jason’s mother scolded him harshly for rushing across the road without checking for cars. Jason was trembling with fright. He apologized to his mother and promised never to rush across the road again.


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