Essay-Paragraph on “Housework” English Composition for kids and Students of Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College and Competitive Exams.


“Today, Niki will sweep and mop the floors,” said my mother. It was time to do our weekly household chores. Mother already had everything planned.

I took out the broom to sweep the floor. My brother took the detergent to clean the windows and my sister took out the ironing board. All of us had something to do. However, as I was not good at sweeping, I did not do a good job. In the end, my mother had to clean the house again. My brother was very clumsy. He splattered detergent all over the floor and the sofa. My mother was exasperated. She decided to take over. My sister was the only one who was doing a good job. She ironed one garment after another. However, she was ironing my mother’s dress when her favourite advertisement came on television. Putting down everything, she watched the thirty-second clip on a new toy. She did not smell the smoke coming from under the iron behind her. She only remembered the iron when she heard my mother scream. My mother was so annoyed that she took over the ironing too.

In the end, we watched television and ate potato chips. Our mother said that we were not good at housework. However, we knew that she would definitely ask us to do housework again.

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