Essay, Paragraph on “Cockroaches in the Kitchen” English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students of Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Cockroaches in the Kitchen

Mrs. Spinley had just finished cooking. She was about to take out a plate from the cupboard when a cockroach crawled onto her hand. Mrs. Spinley screamed and slammed the cupboard door.

Mrs. Spinley was terrified of cockroaches. She ordered her maid to take out the crockery that she needed. After washing them thoroughly, she placed the food in them and covered them. Then, she told her maid to take out all the crockery from the cupboard. Many cockroaches crawled out from the cupboard when she did that and they crawled all over the kitchen floor. Mrs. Spinley chased after them and sprayed insecticide on them. When all the crockery had been taken out, Mrs. Spinley’s maid sprayed the cupboard with insecticide to kill all the cockroaches. The kitchen reeked of insecticide by the time Mrs. Spinley’s children came home from work. However, Mrs. Spinley did not mind. She was certain that all the cockroaches had been killed.

The family was just about to tuck into a scrumptious dinner when one of the children screamed. Pushing back her chair in fright, she pointed at two huge cockroaches that were crawling up the legs of the table. Everyone lost their appetite. They decided to eat out instead.

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