Essay-Paragraph on “A Race” English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students of Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

A Race

Sue was a runner. Her best friend, Jill, was also a good runner. Both of them always took part in competitions, However, they never competed in the same race. On Sports Day, they were going to compete together for the first time.

Sue and Jill trained hard for the race. Sue trained especially hard. She was determined to defeat Jill. On the day of the race, both of them were in tip-top shape. When the horn was blown, the girls ran as fast as their legs could carry them. They flew down the track. Their feet hardly touched the ground. Before long, they were ahead of everyone else. It was a nail-biting race. Either Sue or Jill could win.

Sue was close to the finishing line when she heard a yell. Turning slightly, she saw Jill trip and fall. She stumbled forward and tumbled to the side. Without another thought, Sue ran towards her friend. She helped her to the side of the track. Sue had forgotten about how much she wanted to win the race. By then, the other runners had caught up with them.

Sue and Jill did not complete the race. Jill had sprained her ankle. Sue accompanied Jill to the hospital. To them, friendship was more important than the race.

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