Essay, Paragraph on “A Birthday Surprise Gone Wrong” English Composition in 200 words for kids and Students of Classes 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

A Birthday Surprise Gone Wrong

Last month, my classmates and I decided to give our English teacher, Mrs. Toby, a surprise birthday party. We bought her a cake and placed it on her table.

Everyone sat very still when we heard Mrs. Toby’s heels clicking on the passageway outside. When she walked in, we stood up to greet her. We could hardly contain our excitement. When Mrs. Toby walked to her table, we were about to break out into the birthday song. However, before we could do anything, she placed her stack of books on the cake. She had been carrying so many books that she did not see the cake. There was a squishing sound as the cake was flattened. Mrs. Toby frowned. She wondered what had made that sound. Pushing aside her books, she stared in horror at the flattened cake. At first, she thought that we had played a prank on her. Then, she noticed the word ‘birthday on the cake. She realized that she had ruined our surprise for her.

Mrs. Toby put the cake back into its box and threw it away. We were very disappointed. However, Mrs. Toby thanked us for the cake. She asked us to sing her the birthday song. We gladly obliged. We were glad that we were still able to celebrate her birthday.

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