Essay on “Youth Power” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Youth Power

Let us first take into account what power really means. Power means the ability and the energy to do something spectacular. Power can be categorized as per group of things or persons. For example there is muscle power, money power, youth power. All these are powers to reckon with and all can work wonders as and when required. When any of these three energies are put to action they are called power.

Like the other powers, youth power is a power of sorts which can generate achievements galore, this is the power of the youth to achieve. The power of the youth is very great, it has the potential of achieving targets. Though this power is undoubtedly great, it needs to be harnessed and channelised. Once the power takes its momentum, there is no looking back or stopping. Now, who is to channelise this enormous power, it is the elders, like teachers, parents and all elders they see around them in their daily lives. If this power of youth is properly directed, it is a wonder if there could be any task difficult for them. They just need a sober and mature guidance from elders, and off they go ahead to achieve. This is because their minds are still not mature enough to understand the intricacies of all they do. They need to be told the reactions of whatever they do so that, they can decide on following the right path. If this guidance is given properly there is no reason why we would not see wonders being achieved.

The power of the youth is so immense because they have all the qualities required for achievers. They are, for one, bubbling with enthusiasm, they have the requisite desire to achieve and, above all they are a storehouse of physical energy. If all this gets a meaningful and correct direction, the youth have the capacity which no one else can match.

Direction to the youth can be ascertained when we see some of the misdirected youth doing all sorts of heinous crimes, becoming terrorists and resorting to other malpractices. This is because the youth is either not being guided or being positively misguided by adults for their own interests. This happens just because t’ le youth cannot even imagine the repercussions of what all they do, as, they do not know much about life. So, if they are misguided, they follow their teachers and, if they are properly guided they once again follow their masters.

When we hear people talking from pulpits and platforms about service to humanity, I feel instead of talking so much to an audience of older people they should apply this strategy on the youth. We should lead- them to work for humanity of which they are a part. I daresay their achievements would be beyond our comprehension the youth must be brought in the mainstream of working for others. This will help the country take huge strides towards progress and growth. However, this again will have its own problems.

The youth will hear what they are lectured but the effect will be only if they see their elders following whatever they are lecturing. Here is the catch. If the youth are engaged in such works, they will not get any time for any frivolities like vulgarity or violence. If the elders try to gear up youth power, we can see them work wonders in any field. This is a terrific force that needs to be encouraged, harnessed and led to get the desired results. Youth power is a power that can work wonders if led properly and make blunders if left without a mature leader.

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