Essay on “Woman” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.


It is an undisputed fact that both man and woman are human beings. It follows as a self-evident fact that woman and man are equal as human beings. Discrimination between man and woman in a flagrant act of oppression without any justification. For woman eats and drinks as man eats and drinks … Woman loves and hates as man loves and hates … Woman thinks learns and understands as man thinks, learns and understands … Woman, like man, needs shelter, clothing and vehicles … Women feels hunger and thirst as man feels hunger and thirst. … Woman lives and dies as many lives and dies.

But why are there man and woman? Indeed, human society is composed neither of man alone nor of woman alone. It is made up naturally of man and woman. Why were not only men created? Why were not only women created? After all, what is the difference between man and woman? Why was it necessary to create man and woman? There must be a natural necessity for the existence of man and woman, rather than man only or woman only. It follows that neither of them is exactly the other, and the fact that a natural difference exists between man and woman is proved by the created existence of man and woman. This means, as a matter of fact, that there is a role for each one of them, matching the difference between them. Accordingly, there must be different prevailing conditions for each one to live and perform their naturally different roles. To comprehend this role, we must understand the differences in the nature of man and woman, namely the natural differences between them.

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