Essay on “Whoppers-A Part of People’s Lives” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Whoppers-A Part of People’s Lives

I do not know when I first noticed it. Probably when I heard my mother says with pride, “She is only five months old, you know, and she can already speak seven words”. Of course at that time I could hardly understand the noises I made.

Well, now I have grown up and it has been borne in my mind that people like to tell whoppers. Some may be small like moles but a number of them can be as big as Himalayas.

May be its part of human nature to lie. Both the male and female like to lie in some way or other.

Perhaps, you will agree with me that women exaggerate when telling about something. This you can notice in a gathering if you drop on a group of talking women. Of course, on the other hand men also like to give whoppers.

They all do it. At times, helps the social status if you puff. Even children are not immune to this game of whoppers and they like to show off among their peers.

Sometimes, I think, a lie is a cover, behind which people hide their vulnerabilities. Then there are the compulsive liars who lie as easily as they breathe. Infact they give whoppers to impress people or even for a healthy laugh. Some also do it to get sympathy but it is done all the times.

It is the other sincere people who have to hear and bear all these whoppers. They observe, listen and become helpless.

People should think twice before they tell whoppers because it can cause misunderstandings and at times even break a person’s heart.

I think life should be enjoyed but not at the cost of such silly and useless habits.

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