Essay on “When I Missed the School Bus” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

When I Missed the School Bus

I never hold time by its forelock. I take everything easy. A single happening has brought about a sea change in my life.

Our house examinations were going on. Being addicted to television I usually go to bed late. One day after watching my favourite serial I sat down to study. I hurriedly scanned through the notes and it was 2 a.m. I felt sleepy and in no time was under the influence of the magic wand of the goddess of sleep. The next day was my mathematics paper. I was over-confident. Placing the breakfast on the table my mom got busy in other house chores. She thought that I was getting ready. Finding the breakfast untouched she rushed to my room and found me sleeping. Hands of my watch were moving very fast I got ready hurriedly and ran to the bus stop. Emptiress told me that my school bus had gone. I ran to the local bus stand. A bus stopped and with great difficulty I entered the bus. My hair got disheveled, my uniform got crumpled. My bait pen slipped from my pocket. I purchased the ticket but forget to take back the remaining amount.

My eyes were fixed at my wrist-watch. It was ticking fast. My heart palpitation rose. At every stop new passengers kept on boarding. I was badly squeezed. At last my stop came. I peeled myself of the crowd. I ran fast to reach my school which was 100 meters away. I got late by half an hour. The examiner was nice enough to allow me entry. I settled down to write the answers. My hands trembled. I knew the equations but they did not click in time. Somehow I answered some questions and headed for my home. I got just pass marks. My mon may dad and my sis were angry with me.

I learnt the lesson of life time. I took a pledge not to keep awake late at night and not to remain glued to the television screen. I also learnt that time waits for none. It must be caught by the forelock.

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