Essay on “Value of Games” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Value of Games

Education is three-fold—mental, physical and moral. A merely literary education that shatters the health is not much good. The proper development of all the three—intellect, body and heart—is needed to make a full man. We have young-old-men, with lusterless faces, pales cheeks and sunken eyes because they burn the midnight oil and neglect games. Remember—Can the mind be healthy, if the body be sick? Can the mind live, if the body dies? A tall handsome youth, having good health, is better than a sickly scholar.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Games and sports specially the outdoor ones, refresh and enable to regain lost energy. So games prepare us for more work. Games improve health. They take us into the company of nature where we breathe fresh and pure air. Physical activities strengthen digestion. Players go more active and healthy.

Games teach the lesson of discipline. Players have to respect rules and regulations. They have to accept the judgment of the referee. This teaches students to respect laws even if they do not like them. They become disciplined and this lesson of discipline stands them in good stead in future. Games teach diplomacy and techniques of correct judgment.

Games teach to lead a corporate life. Importance of team work becomes clear. This teaches the student- players to cooperate to achieve a common goal. Personal desires have to be sacrificed and this helps students to be good citizens. Sportsman are more social and more self sacrificing. Off the ring they are polished gentlemen.

Games provide an outlet for the surplus energy of youth. Absence of a healthy outlet compel students to indulge in mischief, hooliganism and undesirable activities to spend their surplus energy. Games are the best way to use spare or leisure time profitably.

Good sportsmen get all types of facilities from society. They are given preference over others.

Games should be enjoyed only as a means of recreational entertainment for a limited time. They should not be played at the cost of studies. A judicious and intelligent mix of studies and game is the need of the hour. Modern distractions have made man couch potatoes. So, games are all the more needed.

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