Essay on “Unrest among Students” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Unrest among Students

Among students, indiscipline is increasing. There are several students who do not take their ‘studies seriously. They indulge in strikes and destroy public property. They threaten invigilators with physical violence. They become recalcitrant.

The indiscipline shown by students is a part of the general indiscipline existing in society. There is chaos and confusion in every walk of life. The old values are fast disappearing and the new ones have not proved their worth.

Most of our leaders are not sincere. They do not live up to what they say. In public they cry down English, but send their children to English medium schools. They stress the necessity of getting rid of corruption and communalism, though they themselves are corrupt and communal. The students are only following their leaders.

Another reason for this indiscipline is the fear of unemployment. A few years ago some research scholars, who had received degrees from Delhi University, tore their certificates to pieces and shouted, “We want jobs”. A hungry man is an angry man. Most of our young men and women go to college mainly to secure some job and support their families. Literal education alone is not sufficient to face the battle of life successfully.

Merit is not strictly observed granting in admission. If boys and girls who are unfit for higher education are admitted, they will try to create indiscipline. Intelligent and industrious students are an asset to any institution.

The materialistic basis of education is also responsible for the indiscipline among students. Advancement of science has made people godless. The majority does not show any interest in moral or spiritual values. They have become selfish. They want-to make money by hook or by crook, and the faster the better.

There is no personal contact between the teacher and the student. At present, in some colleges there are eighty or more students in each class. If the number is thirty or forty, the teacher will not have any great difficulty in paying personal attention to his students. Such personal attention will make them disciplined.

Parental control has become weak. Most of the parents think that when they pay the amounts required for fees, their responsibility is over. They must change this attitude. It is their duty to visit the colleges and ascertain from the teachers whether their children study properly and behave in a disciplined manner. The influence of home on the student is greater than that of the college.

Newspapers, at times, publish false and exaggerated reports. Such reports incite the students to agitation.

The political parties in our country are also responsible for the indiscipline among the students. Very often they make students their tools to achieve their ends

The indiscipline among students has to be rooted out as expeditiously as possible. For the development of our country, we require disciplined students. Our education must be job oriented. Those who are unfit for higher education should not be given admission on the basis of money. Moral and religious instruction should be imparted to the students. Personal contact between the teacher and the taught is also necessary. The parents should realize their responsibilities and try to exercise effective control over their children.

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