Essay on “University Courses in Rituals” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

University Courses in Rituals

Courses that are prevalent in any University at any given time are such that prepare the students for a variety of professions. It is now being considered that courses in rituals be introduced at the University level.

From time to time, new courses are added to the University curriculum. This is done, taking into account the needs and requirements of the specific times. New courses are always added when the need for them is noticed in the society. With this backdrop there is apparently absolutely nothing wrong in introducing a new course in rituals. Whenever a new course is added, its relevance, the financial viability of the teaching academy and the job potential are all thought of and, only after taking a considered view a new course is started. The latest intention of introducing a course in rituals in the University curriculum is being studied and debated. It is believed that since rituals are still being followed by a majority of people why not produce technically qualified people on the job, instead of engaging quacks of the profession. If this view is given an impartial consideration, there is apparently nothing wrong in having the course.

Besides Indians in India, there are millions of Indians settled outside India who would like to employ qualified pandits for the performing of rituals in their families, and their Indian society there. Thus, if this course is introduced it would be fairly well job oriented in India and abroad. Besides this, if we have this course, we would be showing the light of day to our dying wealth of the language of Sanskrit and all the knowledge it has to offer to us and to the world. The students who come out of the University after completing this course will be in a position of conducting rituals and also taking classes in Sanskrit. With this much done, it is possible that, at least in foreign countries, the legacy of Indian heritage will be appreciated and taken advantage of. WE Indians have forgotten our knowledge but, let us allow others to take advantage of the sea of knowledge that Sanskrit has to offer.

On the other hand there is a view against the introduction of this course in the University. The course, people say will be giving knowledge that is obsolete in the present century. It is felt that, in this age of mechanization people are apt to believe that there is no place for spiritualism and rituals.. These two concepts are considered things of the past and absolutely irrelevant today, and so, must be dispensed with. It is believed that technology leaves no space for orthodoxy.

Views do differ and, for the University to take any concrete steps for introducing the course it has to consider both the views together with its financial implications, and its popularity among the students to be. If the faculty is run for just a handful of students it may not be worthwhile.

I personally feel that, the course will be good as, it will give an impetus to rituals which have been completely forgotten by the modern generation. It will bring to life our age old ancient culture, language and a belief in the Almighty may get a boost.

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