Essay on “Unemployment” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.


For a lay man unemployment means lack of job opportunities. The uneducated and educated both have fallen victims to this malady of unemployment. Unemployment has become a chronic feature of modern society. In our country it is very acute. If not tackled on war footing, a social revolution may usher in. At present unemployment has led to frustration and crimes.

Many factors are responsible for accentuating this problem of unemployment. Most conspicuous among them is population explosion. Whatever is achieved in terms of additional jobs is nullified by fresh hands seeking employment.

India is a rich country inhabited by the poor. India is rich in natural resources but they need exploitation. Expansion on all fronts in needed. Tracts of land need cultivation.

More dams could be built. More link roads could be made and tarred. Villages need electrification and other amenities. New schools, new dispensaries, libraries, etc. are needed. All these can provide work to millions.

Distaste for manual labour is responsible for unemployment or misemployment among the educated. Snobs love to be clerks but are not ready to do manual labour. There is no coordination between planning in technical education and industrial expansion. This causes unemployment among the engineers.

Extinction of the cottage industry and its replacement by large scale industry has rendered millions jobless. Machine made goods are preferred. Lack of vocational education also increases unemployment. Educated cannot start their own business. People living on charity do not like to work. They increase the numbers of the jobless.

Unemployment leads to tragic consequences. It breeds frustration among talented and this has increased brain drain. Unemployed persons to survive are ready to do anything. This has given a boost to anti-social activities. Unemployed youths embrace terrorism. Girls have adopted prostitution and boys have become pimps. Bonded labourers are on the increase. Unemployment gives rise to poverty and this leads to under-nourishment of our children, future citizens. Human exploitation is flourishing.

To solve this problem we will have to check the fast growing population. Vocational education must be given priority to inculcate dignity of labour in our youths. Proper encouragement should be given to cottage industries. Proper exploitation of natural resources will need more hands to work. Youths must give up their infatuation with white collared jobs. Above all, unemployed should be ready to use their hands and feet to labour.

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