Essay on “Time is Money” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Time is Money

Essay No. 01

The phrase ‘time is money’ is very commonly used. In modern times, this phrase implies well when seen in the present situations and the current state of society. Success or failure depends on the right use of time.

Time is very precious and valuable possession that a man can ever have. If time is utilized efficiently in present than it can be turned into money. One can never stop or have control over the time. Time neither shows pity to poor nor salutes the rich. It has its own influence and significance. Thus, once the time is gone, it never returns. Neither can it be saved. Time can only be used as an opportunity to maim progress in life.

It is usually listened from a few hardworking and dedicated people that as time is money, one must never waste it. Such people work very hard to achieve their goals. For them the entire day is very short to finish their work.

One can also find the kind of people who only sit and pass their time. Such people usually say that it is very hard to pass time. In fact, they do nothing and are not interested to earn a living. Therefore, it is proved that the person who uses time efficiently gains respect, status, money and high reputation in society. On the other hand, people who waste their time does nothing and are worthless. Time slips from their hands leaving them workless. They never understand the importance of utilizing time.

It is seen that many genius students put their greatest efforts in study and manage time to execute their plan for achieving success in the examination. By using time cleverly, they indirectly achieve higher ranks in their examination.

People have become rich and famous by making appropriate use of time. Professionals like doctors, engineers, writers, teachers, etc. know who to make best use of time. They work hard to earn money.

As we know how precious the time is, we should never waste time and utilize it to the best of our potentials. Every single moment of hard work definitely pays in the future. Thus, it is not wrong to say that ‘time is money’ is the father of all phrases.

Essay No. 02

Time is Money

The phrase “Time is money’ is very commonly used nowadays and is very true when seen in the present scenarios and the current state of the society and the market as a general example.

The economic shifts in terms of up’s and down’s are seen very drastically everyday. The economic shift and the stock market value increase and decrease are now seen to be seen basically dependent on the functionalities and the various working prowess of the people associated with the company. Where every employee contributes a huge sum towards the development of the company and this helps in the understanding of the fact that every single moment the employee works in the company contributes if not a large sum but at least a little sum for the development of the company and thus contributing a sum and thus can be said that every moment contributes a sum and thus the term -time is money.

Apart from this example various other more commonly associated examples too can be given where It can be said that every single moment of hard work if not presently but definitely pays in the long run and thus every moment is precious and thus the term money is a measure of time or a penny saved very apt with the father of all these terms that is “time is money”.

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