Essay on “Though India has a very low literacy level, Indians often show great social awareness” English Essay, Paragraph, Speech.

Though India has a very low literacy level, Indians often show great social awareness

The 1991 census clearly revealed that only 52 % of Indians are literate. At a certain level, this is an encouraging sign, however, it also means that at present half of the Indians cannot read and write. Women form the largest part of the illiterate segment of our country. Of these illiterate women, most of them live in villages and on the outskirts of towns and cities. The low education level of Indians does not mean that an average citizen is not aware of its socio-political obligations. Ask anyone on the road and you will find that he or she is very clear about the kind of governance they expect from the government or the kind of functions the local administration should perform. Let us not forget that it was this teeming million that had made the mighty British Empire bow before itself. Unlike many other nations, we Indians have risen as one against any natural or national calamity. Whatever may be our differences, when it comes to defending the dignity of our nation in the rest of the world we Indians are second to none. While fighting various social evils like poverty, corruption, etc, people of or country have responded very positively.

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