Essay on “The Video Craze” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Video Craze

Video Cassette Recorder and Video Cassette Player are marvellous blessings of science bestowed on man. A video cassette is a magnetic tape that can carry the recordings of any event under the sun. It gives you the facility to enjoy any event from any corner of the world at any time and anywhere at your convenience. It is a miraculous achievement of science and technology.

The video is a very useful, entertaining and educating machine. It has all the plus points of a cinema theatre as well as a television. It is an Aladin’s lamp at the beck and call of humanity. It instructs as well as delights. It caters to all tastes, all ages and all interests.

The video player can play a very useful role in moulding public opinion, educating the people and changing attitudes of the masses. But it has its minus points also. People of all ages and of all stratas of life tend to develop a mad craze, a sort of addiction for the video and keep glued and riveted to their sets for hours together. Students ignore their studies, housewives forget their daily chores and men from the business world postpone their business calls. They become as good as opium addicts. Video libraries, video nests and video film stockists experience unprecedented rush of customers.

This video craze has adversely hit the cinema industry. Many cinema houses have closed their shutters and many are at the threshold of doing so.

Video is striking hard at the morals of the youngsters. Adult movies full of sex, crime and violence, blue films and films of night life are readily available. The young impressionable minds get polluted and they fall victims to the evils prevailing in promiscuous societies.

The video menace is fast gripping the nation. Copyright rules must be strictly enforced. There is nothing bad in the video if it is properly used. It is a knife. In the hands of a surgeon it saves life but in the hands of a criminal it kills and causes injury. The users must be vigilant but the sharpness of this knife can be blunted by constant vigilance, will power and state regulations enforced ruthlessly.

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