Essay on “The Teacher’s Day” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Teacher’s Day

Fifth of September is celebrated as a teacher’s day. It is a day of celebration for both teachers and students. The teachers are honored on this special day for their dedicated service. The teachers take a pledge on this day to do their job in a better way and serve the nation by showing the right path to the taught. The students respect their teachers and show their love and respect for their teachers by garlanding them and asking for special blessings from them. Functions are organized in educational institutions where the services of great teachers of this country are remembered. The students offer gifts to their favorite teachers to show their love and respect for them.

On the national level and state level ‘National Awards” and “State Awards are conferred on the best teachers. The nation bows before the services of its selfless and great teachers. The President of India and the Prime Minister issue messages for the teachers and express their gratitude for the selfless service of teaches to the nation.

It is an appropriate occasion for teachers to resolve for service of the nation by leaving no stone unturned to give a purposeful education to their taught. They must keep it in mind that the nation can never forget the service rendered by teachers for the development of a nation. Being called suitably a “Builder of the Nation” a teacher has a great responsibility to shoulder. If teachers become selfish and greedy, the Nation will surely be doomed to a downfall. It can never recover from the damages done by a teacher if teachers do not keep their morals very high. It is in the teacher’s own hands to raise their honour in the society. The nation cannot forget his services if he is really dedicated and resourceful.

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