Essay on “The Problem of Unemployment in India” for School, College Students English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Problem of Unemployment in India

Essay No. 01

We are not able to provide jobs to the youth adequately. A lot of youngsters are sitting idle without job. This is really a failure of the system. We must provide jobs to those who are capable and willing to work. Numerous students are roaming here and there joblessly after passing out from schools or colleges. Some are compromising with lower standard of work and meagre salary. The problem of unemployment is leading towards joblessness throughout the country, no doubt the problem varies from place to place. There is less employment problem in those areas, where there are enough industries and factories like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad and so on. Majority of the people are working on the farm in those areas where agricultural land is fertile. The problem of unemployment is less in Punjab and Haryana. People in these states are getting good agricultural production due to fertile land. The farmers in these areas are cultivating with machines and modernized system and are getting better production. The youth are diverting themselves that side due to lucrativeness in the profession. There are areas where there are no industries and land is also not very much fertile. There is chronic problem of flood every year during rainy season, which generally ruins the crop. The crop suffers due to drought. The irrigation facilities are insufficient. The farmers are depending on monsoon. There is a big problem of unemployment in such areas. The lives of the people there is extremely miserable due to natural calamities as well as idleness.

It is a well-known fact that India is a thickly populated country. The population is increasing rapidly. We could not create new jobs in the same proportion. That is the reason why a large section of the people is left unemployed. Our old education system is also responsible for this problem. Why is unemployment problem negligible in Japan, China and many other countries of western part of the world? The reason is that they give preference to vocational and technical education right from primary classes by making it compulsory and introducing the same in their examination system. That automatically generates interest amongst the students. They pass out from their schools and colleges as skilled youth, who possess the capability to work and establish their own work through self-employment. That kind of youth earns a handsome money and succeed to provide jobs to others too. Their government is liberal to extend financial assistance to set up workshops as a national policy. It is the boom time for India to follow the same system of education and employment strategy here in our country. We are very much capable to do so. We should do it as early as possible. The political will of the country for changing the educational system will play an important role in this regard. This is a crucial matter. Everybody knows that thousands and thousands of graduates pass out of schools and colleges every year. They do not get job anywhere. Very few brilliant students are getting jobs. Students who are passing out without possessing any technical skill are getting hardly any job. The situation warrants to be brought out in the Parliament for discussion and decision in order to change the education pattern of the country. This has become a national issue today. Everybody should support this for making technical education available and enabling us to reduce unemployment in the country.

Another step which is very important is that the economic policy of the country is to be overhauled. In our country labour is available in abundance. They are getting very low wages that too on the mercy of the master. Their wages should be fixed under Government economic and industrial policy. The Government should plan to provide avenues for employment for them through cottage and small-scale industries. They are to be provided the assistance for self-employment. The educated youth should be given reasonable amount on loan at low rate of interest to enable them to start their own work. The major occupation of India is agriculture. The Government should announce liberal economic policy for farmers. The very aim should be to make this profession attractive and profitable which could inspire the maximum number youth of the country to choose this for making their career. There is a need to bring industrial reform which has the direct relation with employment of today’s youth. The government should have the pro-industrial policy. All out efforts should be made to expand, modernise and increase the quantitative and qualitative productivity in all the small and large scale industries. It will make us able to increase the job opportunities for the unemployed youth. At the same we can enhance country’s economic growth and the reputation through expansion and modernization of industries.

The main reason which is increasing unemployment is rapid increase in the population. The present growth-rate is required to be checked. People should be motivated to go for family planning willingly and the defaulters should be discouraged. When we will be able to exercise control over the population, the unemployment problem will be diluted automatically.

Unemployment problem is generating a number of nuisances. The frustrated youth is committing various crimes. There are the people who cannot survive without any job. They have the large family to look after. They feel humiliated in the society in the absence of any job. Sometime they kill their family members or commit suicide. It has become necessary to give a new look in all the systems and in all the spheres which could create job opportunities to enable us to provide job to all the hands according to their skill or ability. We can make our society healthy, wealthy and prosperous by providing adequate jobs to the people according to their talent. That is very essential to build up a modern and successful India.

The unemployment problem is a burning problem today in India. We all have to rise as one to fight against it and reduce the effects of this problem. We can succeed in this direction through more and more vocational or technical education in all the educational institutes. There is no doubt that the expansion of factories and industries will play a vital role in creating more jobs. Another thing which will be helpful in reducing the unemployment problem is encouragement for technical qualification and self-employment. It will also create an atmosphere that will not force the youth to run after service. New generation will look at it as an alternative before them.

Essay No. 02

The Problem of Unemployment

Unemployment is an acute problem in India. People do not get an job to keep their body and soul together. In old days when man lived in the lap of nature, there was no such problem. Unemployment is the curse of modern civilization. With the invention of new things the needs of man have also increased. But there is lack of employment opportunities.

The problem of unemployment is a creation of the British. They created this problem to demoralize the youth of India. Both the educated and the uneducated are still suffering from unemployment. The main cause of mass unemployment among the educated people is our defective education system. The education today is aimless and directionless. It is not vocational. It fails to inculcate the dignity of labour among young men.

Our increasing population has also contributed to the creation of this problem. The population is rising day by day. The government has failed to create equal number of job opportunities. The economy of the country is very weak and backward. Unemployment has a number of ugly aspects. An unemployed youth gives up moral standards. He begins to indulge in anti-social activities. He would rather die than live a life of misery. He does not desist from committing suicide.

The government should take immediate steps to deal with this problem. First of all education system should be overhauled and made job-oriented. Second, growing population should be checked. The growth of production should keep pace with the growth of population; more and more job opportunities should be created. The economic policies should to remodeled to tone up the economy of the country.

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