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The Mosquito

No one in India is ignorant about the mosquito. The troublesome insect that keeps one awake during the whole night by its buzzing noise and biting stings that causes pain is a menace and challenge to peaceful slumber after a hard day’s work.

During the summer, while the heat drives us to seek the cool shelter of our beds the buzzing of mosquito drives us out of the same.

It is not only a nuisance but also a danger to our health. The bite of the mosquito quickly infects one with the malarial fever, who can forget the agony of the chill and high temperature caused by Malaria that makes one become very weak and prone to other infectious diseases.

By biting us with its sting the mosquito not only gives a stinging pain but also injects poison into our body. This fever is often repeated and periodically one has to suffer from the fever.

In hot damp places, it makes the workers weak and often causes untimely death.

After prolonged research, the only way to get this kind of fever out of the country is to get rid of the mosquitoes. The Malarial Eradication Programme is launched with the eradication of the mosquitoes.

There is no doubt that we can protect ourselves from the mosquitoes by steeping under nets or completely covering our faces and hands with a protective cream. Peer people often apply kerosene to their hands and faces to prevent the mosquitoes from biting them. But the only way to get rid of fever is to kill all mosquitoes.

A study of the habits of mosquitoes has revealed that the mosquito lays its eggs only in damp places where water stagnates. These tiny eggs when hatched give birth to tiny worms in the water. Hence, we do not find mosquitoes in dry and sandy places.

When the mosquitoes are flying about fluttering their wings that make the buzzing noise, it is very hard to kill them. So the safest means to kill them is to destroy them when they just come out of their eggs. The tiny worms cannot breathe in water. They have to come up to the surf are to breathe air.

When kerosene or other oil is sprayed on the damp, watery and stagnant pools, the thin layer covers the entire surface of water so the worm cannot come up and breathe air. For want of air, they are immediately dead.

This is the sound and safest way to do away with mosquitoes and this is to be periodically done.

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