Essay on “The Indo-Pakistan Border” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Indo-Pakistan Border

The Indo-Pakistan border is just as if a line is drawn on the map of India to segregate one area of the country from the rest of it. However, it would be rather too simple to state that, this particular border is just like a border between any two states.

This border, the Indo-Pakistan border is a continuously burning furnace not of fire but of enemies, bullets and revenge. All the twenty-four hours of all the three-sixty-five days of every year, since 1947, this border is raging with anger, violence and revenge. The saddest part of the story as it stands, is that this horrible situation is between two brothers, those who were brothers, once upon a time. When jealousy and hatred take the place of love and respect between brothers the cauldron is for ever burning, and sad as it is, this is exactly the situation of relationship between India and Pakistan. This always keeps the border tense and full of dangers.

The armies of India and Pakistan are for ever stationed at the border absolutely permanently, in a condition of a permanent vigil. This is because they have both lost faith in the goodness and sincerity of each other. Crores and crores of the wealth of both the countries is being spent for, just keeping watch on each other. What a hateful situation between two brothers! The situation is continuously and permanently tense, each army standing on the brink of impending disaster.

Only if we could be more realistic and analyze as to why this situation, the cause would boil down to a loss of confidence in each other, and, this is turn would be attributed to the Governments of the two countries. This I say because, the situation is allowed to develop and then stay so, because the Governments want it to be so. All this is for reasons best known to the two Governments only, for the advantages of this inflammable situation cannot be understood by the general public of both the countries. The people of both countries have no grudges against each other, they could like to stay together as ever before then what actually stops them? The border, is it?

Let us analyze that, if the border was to be kept as a stopper against entry on either side then it should be complete4y sealed. If this could be done effectively, men from both the countries keeping watch on the border could be removed. Oh! what a colossal waste of manpower and what a huge expenditure for the countries where millions and millions are not getting their daily bread. Instead of arranging for bread for the teaming millions, the two Governments are spending unimaginable amounts of money on keeping the armies on the border. Another method of stretching a hand of friendship would be to open the doors to each other. However, this suggestion is just not possible in the present day scenario.

Now that, it is confirmed that, there is a complete loss of faith in each other only keeping armies alert is the viable solution for safety of the countries. If this is so, the border should be completely sealed not allowing any movement an either side. When I say this, I do wonder whether there is any other example of two brothers fighting like this, and what for?

The tragedy of the matter is that, in spite of lakhs of army personnel languishing at the border, terrorists find a way into the Indian territory, how does that happen?

Thus, the Indo-Pakistan border has been an acute problem for the last fifty years, and defies any solution. Let us pray that God helps both the countries to find a via media to put an end to the long lasting struggle at the border.

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