Essay on “The India of My Dreams” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The India of My Dreams

Now it is more than fifty-seven years since we got freedom. When the British ruled India, we ascribed all our ills to their administration. Now we notice corruption, violence, communalism and exploitation in every field. Fissiparous tendencies have also become very active. The majority of the people are still living in poverty. A minority lives in luxury. Their greed for money continues unabated. Where is the ‘Ram Rajya’ cherished by the father of the nation?

In the India of my dreams there will be a true socialistic society. All means of production and distribution will be under the ownership of the State. The workers will get reasonable wages and they will be given all incentives to step up production. There will be a perfect Public Distribution System. There will not be any black-market or hoarding. No individual shall have wealth exceeding this ceiling. At present, the market economy gives sufficient scope for capitalists to make money by unfair mean. Thus, the word ‘Socialist’ added to the preamble of the Constitution by the 42nd Amendment will be fully implemented.

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In the India of my dreams, there will be radical changes in the system of education. Admission to colleges will be on the basis of entrance tests. Great importance will be attached to job-oriented education. There will be a number of technical and vocational schools. In these schools boys and girls will be given training for various trades.

There will be no unemployment. Every able-bodied person will get the job for which he is qualified. Due importance will be attached to education. For the successful working of democracy, educated citizens are absolutely necessary. In some countries like Japan, 98 per cent of the people are educated.

The parents shall send their children to school at the age of six. There will be School-Attendance Officers, as in the United Kingdom. On the basis of the reports submitted by these officers, legal action will taken against those parents who do not send their children to school. For this purpose, necessary legislation will be carried out by Parliament.

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The villages will be prosperous. Gandhiji thought that the prosperity of India depended on the prosperity of our villages. Small and big industries will be started in the villages. If this is done, the migration of the villagers to cities and towns for employment can be checked to a great extent.

The women have a good and equal status in society. Fifty per cent of the posts in the various departments of the government will be reserved for women. The system of the government will be reserved for women. The system of dowry will have disappeared. There will not be any atrocity on women.

In the India of my dreams, every Indian will be a true patriot. He will be a disciplined person. He will work hard for the prosperity and integrity of the nation. A united India alone can achieve progress.

Corruption will have disappeared from public life. Those who are found guilty of corruption will get suitable punishment. The eradication of corruption will be achieved by the creation of Ombudsmen, committees with semi-legal powers, directly in touch with the government. Such committees have become very popular in countries like Sweden.

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Family planning will be made compulsory. But no force will be used to implement this. All our efforts at economic development will be retarded if there is population explosion. When Adam and Eve were driven out of Paradise, God said, “Go and multiply”. I think we Indians have multiplied too fast.

In the international field India will continue to follow the path of non-alignment. She will cry down any attempt made by any country to subjugate human rights and human dignity.

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