Essay on “The Importance of Eating Healthy” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Importance of Eating Healthy

Food and an enemy. How ironical it is! But it is a reality that food has become our enemy number one. Today we eat to its nutritional benefit. Health awareness is inversely proportionate to junk and nutrition deprived food. New cuisine is a mixture of refined flour, oil and sugar. Maida based products like pizzas, burgers, naan and rumali roil are the grain options. The vegetarian dishes are either overcooked or have a lot of corn starch and fat. The non-vegetarian dishes boast of rich gravies. Taste buds do not allow us to say goodbye to them. Perfect health cannot be achieved by a process of deprivation and elimination. Weight less may dent your health. Weight loss can be a natural by-product of a health regime. You do not have to eat less to lose height, but choose your food correctly. Food influences every aspect of your being. Right kinds of fats are essential to achieve good health. Fat is the raw material for many hormones. Fat-free diet inculcates new problems. Body deprived of the right fats may push you in depression and other mental disorders. Fat is as essential to your health as vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates are. Health is much more than just height loss. Fats make ‘eiconsanoids’ which influence vital aspects of your body right from blood pressure to premenstrual syndrome to pain sensitivity as in arthritis. Milk, vegetables and right kinds of fats are essential for health. Food balances your emotions, makes your mind sharp, influences your moods and helps you to deal with situations better. So eat healthy and be healthy.

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