Essay on “The Best Season of The Year” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

The Best Season of The Year

There are four major seasons in a year. These seasons are spring, summer, winter and rainy. Of all these seasons, spring is considered to be the best. It is called the queen of seasons. It has ideal climatic conditions. It is a season of freshness and beauty. Every object is full of life. A comparative study of seasons will mark it out as the best of all seasons.

Summer season is a torturing season. The sun shines brightly. Its scorching heat is unbearable. The earth virtually burns and trees become leafless. Dry and pale leaves lie scattered here and there. Birds leave their nests and take shelter somewhere else. There is no chirping and flapping on the trees. Human beings feel dull and cheerless. They perspire from head to foot. Life without electricity seems hell. Nobody likes to go out in the heat of the sun. Some become victims of sunstroke.

Like summer season, winter also has its woes. During this season, cold winds blow. There is chill in the atmosphere. One does not like to come out of the quilt. In order to get warm, too many woolen clothes have to be put on. A poor man can’t afford such things. Those who are homeless, live in the open. They burn fire on a roadside and sit beside it.

The rainy season too is bad. The weather becomes stuffy after rainfall. The roads and streets are full of water. Sometimes heavy rainfall causes floods. Crops are damaged. Houses also collapse. Insects like mosquitoes become a nuisance. Again the poor people are the worst sufferers.

Finally we come to the spring season. It is the best season. The weather during this season is very pleasant. Nature is at its best. There is greenery everywhere. Flowers bloom and fruit ripen. Birds chirp and tree-leaves rustle. There is song in every heart.

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