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The Beggar Problem in India

There are a number of major problems which our country is facing today. The problem of begging is one of the most difficult questions for solving it out. There is no doubt that India is the country of saints, sages, sadhus and canonized persons. Their theory refers spiritual phenomena to material organization. They also want materials as they are concerned with bodily comfort. But they get the things from their pupils and others automatically to meet their requirement whereas the beggars impose their desires on others. This is certainly an act of burdening the society in both the cases. There are about fifty lakh ordinary beggars in our country who do not want to work and they have made up their mind to survive through begging. They are infect increasing day-by-day which is a matter of great concern. The Government of India has to take workable steps against this problem at the earliest possible otherwise it will assume a wide dimension later on.

There are numerous kinds of beggars. Some are blind, lame, disabled and physically handicapped and others are healthy who have adopted this profession out of their parasitic tendency. They do not want to work. Majorities are illiterate and unskilled persons. They have chosen begging as a profession. The society accepts such people on humanitarian grounds with the feeling of tenderness seeing their poor condition. They offer them bit of money or the small material in lieu. There are the cases where children are begging which is a matter of worry. The country expects children to contribute to the building up of the nation’s instead of seeing them living a parasitic life. There is need of eradicating this evil from the society. The Government should evolve a system, which can check the children begging. They should be motivated for education or profitable creativity to enable them to progress in their life instead of spoiling their future. Many young men and women are seen begging in various public places, which is to be discouraged and they are to be educated to work and lead good and respectable life.

Some people take to begging due to religious sanction. The religious teachers encourage people to become beggars. There are the instances that many criminals find shelter in the appearance of such religious monks. It is very difficult to distinguish between the genuine religious monks and non-genuine ones. It has been found that a number of people in the dress of `Sadhu’ have cheated the innocent people and have committed crimes.

There are illegal organisations which train children in the art of begging. Orphans and kidnapped children are engaged in this profession from early childhood. After a time, they become expert and take interest in begging. This type of begging is very dangerous in the society which spoils the future of the children. There is a requirement to deal with such criminals running the organisations with iron hands. There is a necessity of public support in this regard to take such culprits before the Court of law and assist prosecuting authorities to ensure exemplary punishment to them due to their anti-national activities. We believe in a true co-operation from each and everyone who are careful about their children and building of healthy society. No one will like occurrence of such happenings with any child or the member of society.

Many criminals when they come back from jails are not treated sympathetically by the society. They are not given chance to begin their life afresh. Many amongst them become beggars in various dresses of holy persons and show themselves like saints. But their real face is different. Such criminals should be apprehended and dealt with as per law. They should not be allowed to take shelter in this profession.

Statistics reveal that the trade of begging is flourishing in India. People enter in this profession for their livelihood. Such beggars are on increase. This is to be discouraged in a strong manner to safeguard our society.

The problem of begging is very formidable. We will have to fight it from all sides. We have to create public opinion against it. Indiscriminate donation to the beggar is not a good sign and it is not convincing to any one at all. Instead it creates a number of social evils. Those who are lame and helpless can however be considered to be given alms.

The Government should start its own institutions, where the widows, orphans, blind, physically handicapped people may find shelter and get training to work according to their mental and physical standard. This will prevent them from joining the profession of begging. Such people can be offered jobs in factories, industries, offices, workshops and various other institutions according to their skill and strength. Even the beggars can be motivated to return to main stream and can be given jobs in various organisations. Besides this, the government should pass a law which should make begging an offense.

The problem of begging in India is gigantic. It can be controlled if there is a will and determination both from government and public. This problem can be solved by creating healthy opinion among the masses by passing laws which make this profession a punishable offence and by providing jobs to poor and helpless people even to beggars.

It is a dirty spot in Indian society. This will always be a big burden on us which will be a hurdle in our progress every time. There is a requirement to take concrete steps by Government which should be supported by the public for eradicating this evil from the society and to make the nation free from this harmful devil. That will also strengthen our speed of progress. Let the whole country rise as one to fight against this problem with a firm determination without wasting any time and make India a model ration before the world.

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