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Television in India

The television is one of the wonderful inventions of the 20th century. It was first developed in the United Kingdom by J. L.Baird, using a mechanical-scanning system (1926). Later it was replaced by electronic scanning. In the Arabian Nights, we read about a magic crystal through which one can see the happenings at a distance. This is what television does.

In India, television was at first a subsidiary of the All India Radio. Later it was separated from the All India Radio and named “Doordarshan’.

Television can he used effectively to educate the people in India. It enlightens them on the latest methods used in agriculture to step up production. It makes them aware of the necessity of family planning and sanitation. The news bulletins enable them to know the important events taking place all over the world. The symptoms of various diseases and the prophylaxis required are also televised.

Television helps to promote the national and emotional integration of the country. The cultural programmes conducted by the people of various States are very useful for stressing the cultural unity of country.

Television is a great boon to the students. The programmes on subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, environmental pollution, archaeology, computer technology, etc., are very instructive and interesting. The quiz programmes increase their general knowledge. Famous dramas and novels are also televised. Programmeslike ‘Turning Point’ and ‘The World This Week’ were highly informative.

Television is also used to present to us the celebrations relating to Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jayanti and famous festivals. It helps the President, Prime Minister and other ministers to talk to the people about the important problems faced by the country. We also see their press conferences and their visits to the various places in India and abroad. Thus, television works as a link between the public and the government.

Television helps us to see cricket matches, hockey and football tournaments, the Asian Games and the Olympics Games. The popular games and sports in our own country are also shown.

Television entertains us.. Songs and several films in various Indian languages and. English are telecast. There are very good concerts and dance programmes.

Television assists our people in knowing and seeing the various products manufactured and sold in the country. These advertisements have become a good source. of income for the government of India.

Much criticism has been leveled against `Doordarshan’ for showing films that are vulgar and full of violence. The Standing Committee of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said that “the programmes of DD are not in consonance with the ethos and values of our society”. The women in cities like Delhi are greatly concerned about the effect of DD on their children.

It is often stated that our television does not give an impartial account of the political events taking place in our country. It supports the political party that is in the saddle. Therefore ‘Doordarshan’ should be made a corporation, independent of any Government control. Thus it can function impartially and efficiently.

BBC is a good example of such an autonomous body, Although financed by the government, BBC is free in any control from outside. And, that is the model that Doordarshan should also follow.

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