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Staying in an igloo

While we were in Canada we visited a Theme Park which had, as one of its tourist interests, a specially constructed Inuit village.

The environment inside the village was artificially simulated to depict the actual Arctic environment. Warm clothes and shoes fit to walk in snow were available on hire. For that one night we were the guests of Dylan Hunter. Dylan Hunter welcomed us and whisked us on his snowmobile to his igloo.

The igloo, we found was basically a snow house. It was dome shaped and made of huge blocks of ice placed one over another. The doorway lead through a short tunnel in to the main area in order to prevent loss of heat every time the door opened. We were amazed to find that the inside of the igloo was much warmer than the outside despite only one lamp burning.

We had hot lamb soup and cold cut sandwiches for dinner. A single stove kept the soup warm. We were given sleeping bags to sleep on and although we got up the next morning with sore backs it was an experience we will always cherish.

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