Essay on “Slow and Steady Wins and Race” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Slow and Steady Wins and Race

It is an old adage (saying). It teaches us the habit of doing our work slowly but steadily. Let us not be in a terrific haste and spoil our work. We will not be better than the boastful hare who lost the race. The tortoise won it very splendidly and magnificently. Slower may be losers. They may lag behind. But one who is slow but steady, always wins remarkably. No one can beat him.

Let us be persistent in our endeavors. Let us be persevering and hardworking. Then our efforts will be crowned with success. Those who are diligent and are assiduous (attentive) to the minutest details, they win laurels. They are praised. They are garlanded. Real thing is success, matchless success. We bow before a successful person. We sing songs in his honour.

No one welcomes an unsuccessful person. He is driven to the back-row. He is brushed aside. He is not offered a seat for the sake of courtesy. It one persists in ones efforts, there is nothing which stands in the way of progress. Progress is rather automatic. It will come on its own. Mark the underlying idea of the statement. It is said: Perseverance can even move the mountains. An attentive worker, who ponders over the pros and cons of his actions, is bound to meet success half-way. To be slow and lethargic is bad. But if we do our work with complete attention and dedication, who can deny us our profit, we will get the lions share. Our share of success is ensured. Let us be fully assured about it.

Works done by halves are never completed. Be slow but persistent. Do not slacken your efforts in the mid-way. Be firm and steady in your resolve. Grand success will kiss your feet.

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