Essay on “Recess Period” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Recess Period

The recess period is invariably welcomed. It falls in the middle of the school time. Continuous work of many periods shows its marks on the faces of the students and the teachers alike. The recess period lets them have a sigh of relief. The moment the recess bell goes, the students rush out of their class-rooms. The teachers head for the staff room. Everybody is in a great hurry and scurry. The school compound, lawns, tuck shop etc. hum with life. The office staff too appears relaxed. For most of the students recess period is a lunch break. They open their lunch boxes and eat heartily but hurriedly. Some others enjoy themselves in the canteen. A few students rush to the library to return and get books issued. Vendors outside the closed gates of the school have brisk business. Some students are seen playing. Everybody makes the best use of the recess time. All get refreshed to get physically and mentally prepared for the oncoming periods. The school is agog with activities during recess. The recess period authentically proves that some rest and change is indispensable. The bell rings and everybody gets busy in his work.

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