Essay on “Ratatouille” for School, College Students, Long and Short Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.


A skinny rat named Remy dreams of being a great French chef despite being a rodent. He does not have his family’s support. Remy, a local rat with a keen sense of smell hates garbage and risks death to enter a human kitchen where he discovers authentic food and the cooking of Anton Gusteau, author of “Anyone Can Cook”. On the day Remy finds out that his beloved hero has died, he gets evicted and finds himself in the sewers of Paris directly beneath the restaurant made famous by his culinary hero Auguste Gusteau. The restaurant is now run by a frozen food hawking chef. Linguini a clumsy youth enters the same time as Remy and is hired as a garbage boy. To save the soup that Linguini accidentally fouls, Remy throws in some ingredients; and the soup is a success and Linguini’s career as a chef begins.

Remy teams up with Linguini; Linguini cooks as Remy orchestrates the whole process from within Linguini’s chef cap. They create magic but live in constant fear that someone may discover their secret and object to a rodent running a five star kitchen. Along the way Remy learns important lessons about life, friends, and family. He decides to pursue his culinary calling despite his family wishing hi return to the life ofa sewer rat.

Anton Ego a famed food critic hears of Linguini’s food and decided to sample it himself. He arrives at the restaurant and asks to be served whatever the cook fancies. Remi decides to serve Anton, Ratatouille. Eating Ratatouille transports Anton to his childhood and reminds him of his mother’s Ratatouille. Anton is impressed and insists on seeing the chef.

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