Essay on “Privatisation of Government Schools” for Kids and Students, English Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Privatisation of Government Schools

The school is the forum where a child gets his/her primary initiation into life and knowledge about the world around. Since it is the first door that opens to the children for their lives ahead, the school must be a perfect blend of beauty, care, love, and work. The school is the place where we give the first lessons of subjects and values for a wholesome and comfortable life.

With all this to be given by the institution of the school it. can hardly be accurately estimated how perfect and flawless this temple of learning ought to be. In India, education is a State subject and, each State is obviously playing havoc with this most important input to be given to the next generation of the country. This most important aspect of human development is being callously held at ransom.

The Government schools, which are being looked after and sponsored by the Government, should be the best and most perfect schools to serve as models for other institutions to follow. However, this is not to be, what ought to be is a far off dream as far as India’s Government schools are concerned. In these schools, the teachers are trained, they get handsome remunerations, the infrastructure is up to specifications, buildings are good, yet, the turn out is below any averages. The courses to be\followed are the same as all other private schools but, the result is simply horrifying. The Government schools are in absolute shambles, the children are of a very low standard, the teachers not putting enough work which results in poor performance of the children. All this is true about-these schools and every one knows about it, including The—Government itself, then, why does the fact and standard persist? The reason for the present situation is the continuous decline of standards of these schools. No one ever tried to remedy the situation at its early stages and now, it has become a challenge for anyone to even try. Besides, since these schools are for the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society, they cannot refuse admission to anyone. The teachers who are sure of their cushy jobs are most indifferent to what they do or they do not. Since, there is no punishment for the poor results of these schools, the indifference of the teachers has taken new dimensions. There is no one to be held responsible for the turn out from these schools and there being no cut on the salary side, all those responsible, take it easy. In the ambit of this scenario, where the teachers do not work and are never ticked for it, children coming from all strata of society discipline is also at its lowest possible. Together with this, in the Government schools, there is perfect job security, so, why work is the obvious result. Here even the Principals of these institutions are not in any position to awaken the teachers to their responsibilities for, no one can be removed or even punished. With these factors at play for the last few decades, the situation today in the working of Government schools is just miserable. The Government is now finding itself at a loss as to what they should do to improve these schools. This has led to a continuous decline in the already substandard teachers though fully qualified. The image of these schools is not hidden from anyone. Now, the situation is such that, the Government can do very little to improve it.

At this juncture, privatization of Government schools appears to be the only way out from the problem. This appears to be the only feasible and acceptable solution. If this is done, for one, the staff that is the backbone of a school will become accountable and their work and salary will be closely linked with their performance. Work will become result oriented. It is this fixed pay packet at the end of every month, I think the nerve centre of all evils. So, when pay will be closely connected with the output of work and the results, work will automatically improve.

This is quite a simple solution to the Herculean problem of Government schools but, it will not be very easy to bring in this major change. The teachers, who are getting their salaries notwithstanding their outputs, will resent it tooth and nail. Their pay packets being at stake, they will resort to any obstructions in the way of such privatization. However, no matter what the hurdles, they should be encountered as, the Government schools are a slur on the Government and a great contribution to the lowering of the standards of net results at the end of every academic year.

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