Essay on “Population Explosion in India” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Population Explosion in India

Just as a small family is likely to be more prosperous than a large family, a country also with less of a population is more likely to meet its targets of prosperity.

When the resources are fixed but the consumers continue to rise in numbers, there has to be a complete crackdown of resources and, this is exactly what continues to happen in India. Much worse to feel is that occasion when we are told that there is plenty of food grains yet we simultaneously hear of deaths due to hunger. This anomaly is beyond any comprehension. Of course for this situation to occur, there are many other reasons also but, the basic root of all our problems is simply over population. All other causes and problems are secondary to this problem of population explosion in India. By now it is very clear that, our first priority problem to be tackled should be our problem of the bursting population.

It cannot be said that India has not progressed in the last fifty years of its independence, then, the question that arises is, if there is obvious progress then, what prevents India from at least coming out of the third world country status? I am sure the culprit is our population.

To analyze this, we can take to any sphere of growth, and we will realize that undoubtedly, India has taken huge strides towards growth but, it is still branded as a poor backward nation, Why? Let us take for instance the problem of education. We have schools in villages, cities, towns everywhere but still education is lagging far behind other advancing countries. This is because while schools for a million children are ready and go into commission, the population of the children goes up to two million, and we remain in the same position, and again start more schools and the same story repeats again and this continues unabated. This is why we have not been able to provide even schools to all our children. The same position holds good in any sphere of development. Health plans are made for a crore people and by the time hospitals for them are ready and start functioning, the population rises to a double, and again we are short of health facilities. It is this position that arises in every sphere whether it be education, health, housing, roads, employment etc. We produce a lot but, when we reach our targets of production the population explosion brings us to square one and we are once again just there from where we started.

The reason for all this handicap I feel in our all round development is over population. The reason for this over population is backwardness and illiteracy, and several kinds of superstitions and beliefs.

There is an overpopulation now, how do we deal with this problem. All the causes for this impasse are also known but, all these causes cannot be erased from the scene at once. So, if we have to deal with the problem we have to use a double edged weapon. One is to enlighten the masses of the advantages of having small families, and the second is to utilize this population to the advantage of the country. We must learn this art from China, another country with a large population. China is never heard fretting about its over population as, it uses it as a force. Let us remember that population can be converted into a natural resource for the country. Manpower can be used as resource to generate prosperity. This population can be usefully utilized for road construction, building construction, etc. which will see the progress of the country’s infrastructure.

Thus the two pronged attack on the bursting population may bring down to the minimum, the disadvantage of over population. At this point it will be important to remember that as long as there is an over population there is bound to be a yawning gap between the ‘Haves’ and “Have Nots’. This in turn will never allow for a real wholesome progress.

As of now due to this problem we take one step forward in progress and move two steps backward and thus the progress is not really felt. Unless this movement to and from progress stops there can be little progress. It is because of this over population, India has become ‘first in every crisis; first in cases of Polio found, first in Aids cases, deaths due to hunger and weather, all this is here more than anywhere else in the world and even in the third world.

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