Essay on “Pollution–The Need for Environmental Consciousness” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech.

Pollution–The Need for Environmental Consciousness

As the population in the cities grows so does the pollution for it is inevitable when the balance is crossed. There are various types of pollution like air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution.

Over the years, air pollution has increased rapidly resulting in rise in various deadly diseases like asthma, high blood pressure, whooping cough etc. Another effect of air pollution is the occurrence of acid rain which is not only harmful for humans but also can damage their natural environment.

Then comes water pollution which gravely affects the health of people. When the factories discharge their acidic and toxic wastes they corrode the pipelines in which they flow. This in turn leads to the leakage of wastes under the ground thus contaminating the drinking water and since it is highly polluted and poisonous it results in death and many times in incurable diseases.

Noise pollution is almost as dangerous as air or water pollution because it affects the nervous system of a human which can sometime even lead to madness. It also causes insomnia, hearing disorders etc. The use of loud speakers, high decibel horns thus should be avoided.

The radioactive pollution is very dangerous for humans because water, air and soil all are polluted by atomic experiments. Radioactive pollution is caused by the nuclear explosions. Thus people living near the nuclear test sites are more likely to get affected by this pollution.

Today, the more the human is progressing materially the more he is becoming careless towards nature. People should wake up and realise the danger of pollution.

Even our historical monuments like the Taj Mahal could not escape this pollution and the once beautiful white marble have now been blackened by the pollutants.

To lessen the levels of pollution Government should encourage people to use more public transport so that there is less vehicular pollution. Personal transports increase crowding on roads also and the resultant jams cause more air and noise pollution. The Government should make CNG vehicles compulsory.

If these measures are taken, then the effects of pollution will be surely curbed to a large extent.

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