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Our School Library

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Essay No. 01

Every school has a library. A library is a temple of learning where every kind of books is available.

My school also has a big library which has many books, journals, and magazines on all subjects and for all age groups. The books are arranged subject-wise on the wooden shelves.

Mr. R. K. Sharma is the librarian. He along with his four assistants keeps the library very clean and arranges the books in the correct order.

Each student has a library card with the help of which he can get a book issued for ten days. The students who return the books late or in bad condition are fine. The library is open only during school hours.

Students who wish to refer to books can sit at the big oval-shaped table placed in the library. Library also has benches and tables, so that a student can read newspapers, journals in English and Hindi.

The library also houses references and textbooks for teachers, which are not allowed to students. The calm and quiet atmosphere of the library helps students to concentrate on their studies much better.

Books are our best friend so we must use them wisely. A good library is an asset to any school.

Essay No. 02

Our School Library

The school library, a treasure house of knowledge, is a busy place. Students of all classes visit it in the recess or library periods. Our school library housed in two rooms. In one room are placed big almirahs, full of books. The other room serves as the reading room. Magazines, journals, and newspapers are placed there. There are about 5,000 books in our library which are arranged according to their subject matter. Any book can be traced within no time. The books cater to the needs and interests of students of all age groups. There are biographies, novels, short story collections, tales of adventure, scientific discoveries, books of poems and plays, etc. in our library. There are two separate sections in the library. One of them contains reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other technical books for teachers. The other section contains books that are meant only for students. Every student has a library card. The reading room is crowded during the recess period. Most of the boys simply look at the pictures in newspapers and magazines. However, there are a few students who are serious readers. I visit it every day without fail. I learn something new almost daily and thus enrich my knowledge.


Essay No. 03

School Library 

A library is like a temple where there is a vast collection of every type of book. Every school houses a library for students’ reference.

My school also houses a large library, where one can find many books, journals, and magazines in all subjects. These books are categorized as subject wise on a wooden shelf for students’ reference.

Mrs. Gupta is our school librarian. She, with the help of her two assistants, keeps the library clean and well maintained. Pin drop silence has to be observed in the library so that fellow students are not disturbed while reading.

Every student has a library card with which they can get two books issued at a time for a period of fifteen days. The students who return the book in torn condition or the ones who return the books late are fined by the librarian. The library is opened during school hours for students as well as teachers.

The library has ample space where students and teachers can refer to books or read newspapers and journals both in English and Hindi. They can sit at the long table placed in the library.

The calm and peaceful atmosphere of the library helps students to concentrate on their studies attentively.

We can say that a good well-stocked library is always an asset to any school, college, or institution. A library is a bank of knowledge.

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