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Our National Flag

Essay No. 01

Our national flag is a tricolour flag. It has three equal parts of three colours, green, white and saffron. There is a chakra (wheel) in the middle of it. It has an emblem (mark) of Ashoka, the great king of India. There are a three faced lion, an ox and a horse on it. There are twenty four spokes on the wheel. It means we are alert and vigilent all the twenty four hours of the day. Nobody can catch us unawares. The green colour of the flag stands for prosperity. It means India is a land of milk and honey. We have enough to spare. The white colour stands for peace, that is, we are a peace-loving country. We believe in, live and let live. We support non-alignment. The saffron colour denotes our courage, bravery and boldness. We are not cowards. We can fight our enemy well and drive him out of our land. The flag is associated with the pride and honour of our country. Every Indian is ready to sacrifice everything for the honour of this flag. The flag was first hoisted by the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on the ramparts of Red Fort on 15th August, 1947 and is repeated every year on our Independence Day (15 August) to commemorate the great event. It is on this day that rich tributes are paid to those who laid down their lives for the honour of this country and her flag. The tricolours are hoisted and saluted by the jawans of security and para-military forces and school-children in every nook and corner of the country. The small children carry and wave small paper flags and be happy.

It is the first and foremost duty of every Indian to honour the dignity of our National Flag over and above everything.

Essay No. 02

Our National Flag

When the tricolor was hoisted for the first time on August 15, 1947 it was indeed a proud moment for all Indians. It was a glorious event and history was written in golden letters on that day.

Our national flag is known as the tricolor as it is made up of three colours. The topmost stripe is saffron which symbolizes patriotism, the middle is white which stands for peace, and green is the bottom stripe, signifying prosperity. In the centre is the Ashoka Chakra, dark blue in colour and containing twenty-four spokes. The chakra stands for progress.

Our national flag is a symbol of our proud identity as free Indians and we should respect it. On all national festivals it is hoisted on the top of government buildings on the right-hand side. Whenever another flag is beside it, our national flag is always a little higher than it. While it is being hoisted all of us stand still and straight as a mark of reverence.

We must be true to the colours of the flag. We should work hard towards the prosperity and peace of our country.

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