Essay on “Origin and Spread of Mafia! Terrorism in the World” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Origin and Spread of Mafia! Terrorism in the World

For the layman, mafia indicates some sort of a secret criminal. organization. The term Mafia originated in Italy, where it emerged as a secret society engaged as a secret society engaged in fighting foreign rule, in Sicily. It took birth in the 15th century in Sicily as an organization that fought against the rule of the foreigner there. In 1868, even when Sicily was integrated with Italy the mafia continued to operate with the method of organized violence. This mafia can be termed as an under-world criminal organization very well known throughout the world today.

A mafia group is very well knit and works on the single basis of absolute and perfect loyalty to its members and head. Thus, the mafia is an exclusive group of people engaged in well organized crime. In Sicily this group had its origin in long periods of foreign rule till it became a part of Italy in the latter part of the 19th century. This term Mafia, literally meant just ‘hostility to all law’. In this way the mafia has a long history as, it always offered a parallel Government, always making its target the obvious instrument of governance, rule of law enforcing agencies.

In order to run this organization it collects funds by imposing taxes, ransom and threats of all kinds. They have a very strict code of secrecy and loyalty to the cause, and the boss. At times, it is believed that, their workers do not even know who their real boss is, and whom they are working for, they just work and get paid for it. This is the height of secrecy that is maintained in the working of the network of the mafia.

This mafia that took birth owing to suppression by foreign rulers, did not disappear even after Sicily became independent, and a part of Italy. They now continued to challenge the then established Government, thus always remaining a threat of competing or even annihilating the parallel elected Government. This mafia continued to flourish even after the Second World War. Originally being a Sicilian phenomena even today Mafia, is a generic term meaning, “an international secret criminal organization.”

This group of Mafia engages itself in terrorist activities. Today this has spread throughout the expanse of the world, and does not remain an essentially Italian product. We often hear the very common expression of the mafia don which obviously means the person who is at the helm of affairs of the mafia. This don sits in one place and operates through a huge network of his henchmen throughout the world. He has an objective in mind and sends his trusted men to attain the objective. The basic task of any mafia is to collect huge sums of money for programmes of mass destruction. The don organizes terrorist activities, sitting in one unknown place, through men who may have never seen him. They just have to obey orders and ask no questions about them. This is a line of control under the strict supervision of the don.

Thus, the mafia that took birth in Sicily has by now spread through the globe and it appears that it has come to stay for all time. The network is huge with branches everywhere, activities are very meticulously planned and the purpose is very clear – DESTRUCTION.

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