Essay on “One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer” for School, College Students, Paragraph for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

One Swallow Does Not Make a Summer

With the advent of spring swallow returns to its former place. Its arrival heralds the end of winter and declares that comfortable season has set in. Suppose, only one swallow comes back early. Can you expect the spring to have knocked at the door? Change will occur as scheduled and take its own time. Appearance of a stray swallow does not mean that change has taken place. A general opinion cannot be formed. We-do have scoundrels, rascals, corrupt people. It does not mean that all the people are rascals, scoundrels and corrupt. Villains flourish. Dishonest thrive. It does not mean that dishonesty is the best policy. A murder in one locality does not prove that there is whole scale lawlessness. A corrupt police official does not prove that all police officials are corrupt. It is possible that a villain is never booked, a criminal goes unpunished all his life. It is not a general rule. Today we see that those who flout rules and regulation get recognition. It does not mean that law-breakers always go unpunished. One bad example can never set a general

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