Essay on “My Idea of a Happy Family” for School, College Students, Long and Short English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12, College and Competitive Exams.

My Idea of a Happy Family

My idea of a happy family is one in which all the members recognize the individuality of each other’s character and personality. No two human beings are alike and although members of one family naturally have many similar traits, each one of them still remains a person with an independent identity. A happy family is one in which all dealings are based on this indisputable fact.

Fathers should not expect their sons to be exactly like them in every way and mothers should not expect their daughters to be their clones. At the same time, children should never forget their duty towards their parents and should always respect and love them.

In a happy family, one expects freedom of speech. Each member should be allowed to give his opinion without hesitation. Of course, certain common rules of action have to be laid down and a code of conduct insisted upon. The experience of one’s parents and grandparents should be acknowledged but at the same time elders should be conscious of the generation gap and adapt themselves accordingly. A little broad-mindedness and tolerance goes a long way to ensure healthy, cheerful relationships.

A happy family eats together, prays together and laughs together. All its members believe in the good old virtues of love and sacrifice, and have a sharing, caring attitude towards each other. There is a feeling of togetherness and belonging and a strong sense of loyalty. They stand by each other through thick and thin, and act as pillars of strength in times of-misfortune.

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