Essay on “Mobiles, Ipods, Mp3, the New Craze” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Mobiles, Ipods, Mp3, the New Craze

The technology is increasing drastically as time flies by. These technological advancements are seen playing the eager role in the tensions and the struggles faced in everyday life on one hand, and on the other, in a positive frame or spirit these tensions are eased by the use of the technological advancements.

The mobile phone for instance were being commonly seen in the earlier periods of time to be used only for calling or staying in touch but slowly, the phones were made such that they could also be used to take pictures or capture videos and of late, the mobile apart from being used for the purpose of the earlier ones are also made possible to be used as mini or in other words putting it right used as palm top computers where all the functions being performed in a computer are easily performable in a single touch.

Apart from the mobile advancements the latest craze being the iPod which is a highly complex and sophisticated music instrument which is used for storing music and also helping us to carry the music along wherever we go. These advancements which are now common have been developing from a long time, where in the beginning tape recorders were considered valuable assets but now every kid is seen moving around with an iPod or mp3 player in his hand. This craze has developed over time and is still developing with teenagers rooting for the latest gadgets. These gadgets not only provide the user with its required services but are also seen as a ma of prestige for him. With the latest models in iPods are coming into the market, they are selling even faster than hotcakes and mobiles? Well there is no question about them as they are considered as the next best thing to clothes by most of the people. Mobiles loaded with cameras, video recording, music players, computers, and a lot more features they are treasured as much as jewellery. But does one consider the harmful radiations that are emitted from them. But probably one considers the features more important than some xyz radiation! But the point is mobiles sell like hot cakes. The makers come out with a new model everyday, and people buy them as they come. It is a fashion to change cells these days. From moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and grandparents this is one hot selling technology. Again the question is-“is technology really overwhelming?” Try figuring that out!!!

One must really understand that technology shouldn’t overwhelm you, but it should open your mind to the fact that technology and all these enhancements or rather the technological enhancements only open a door to easily solve our problems and to live a life filled with comfort and ease. So one should embrace all these technological enhancements and with an open and broad mind be selective in choosing their requirements at the same time choosing the gadget that suits one’s lifestyle and health and budget in a meaningful way.

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