Essay on “Life is Action, Not Contemplation” for Kids and Students, English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Life is Action, Not Contemplation

Life offers many opportunities for us to succeed and see them closely. But action is required for it. Goethe, a German philosopher rightly remarked that ‘Life is action, not contemplation’. Even Charles Darvin proved that this life is a continuous struggle for the ‘survival of the fittest. One who is not suitable perishes, this is nature’s law. Action is necessary to adjust ourselves in any possible circumstances. Dreams are the necessary propellers but life itself is not merely a dream or reverie. Sitting on a chair, brooding, man would never have been able to reach the moon. But the man thought, imagined, and strove. Consequently, we reached hitherto unknown heights. Thus a life of thought and reflection will be futile if a man does not try to make it come true in real life. That does not mean that contemplation is futile and vain. No. In fact, all great ideals and philosophies are the outcome of great men’s contemplation. But these philosophies and ideals would easily have been forgotten, had they not been applied to real life. Who could remember Marx if Lenin had not motivated people to follow communism? Rousseau’s name would certainly have been rubbed out of our memory, had France not accepted socialist democracy. The lives of various great men and even religious leaders endorse the view that action is not only natural instinct; it’s also the essence of life.

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