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Life in A Big City

Essay No. 01

Life in a big city is quite different from the life in a village. There has been a craze among people to shift to big cities. A big city has plus points and minus points.

One, various facilities in the field of education, culture, health, etc. are amply available in a big city.

Educational facilities are in abundance in a city. Schools and colleges are well-equipped. Each and every person can give his children the best type of education according to their mental capacity. Career making courses are easily available. Such arrangements do not exist in small towns and villages.

Cities provide first class medical facilities. In government hospitals people get free medicines and treatment. Sick and ailing can find medical help in a jiffy. Lack of such medical arrangement is the biggest drawback of villages. Without timely and proper medical aid people die untimely death in villages.

Cities also nave proper and world class opportunities for entertainment and amusement. Big malls provide you everything under one roof. Fair-like atmosphere is prevalent all the time.

Cities have great avenues of employment. Skilled, semi-skilled and raw hands can find means of livelihood easily.’ Such outlets are not available in the villages. Cities contain people from different backgrounds and different places. This broadens people’s outlook. But city life has many disadvantages also.

City life is artificial. Beauties of nature are absent. Parks and gardens in the city are cultivated.

City life is extremely unhealthy. Environment is polluted. Eatables are adulterated. Such drawbacks are not there in villages.

Life is costly in cities. Problems of accommodation, transport, water, etc, are common. Hectic life is killing.

City people are selfish, unsympathetic and insensitive. No fellow feeling. Close interdependence of village is missing here.

City life disillusions people but still they cling to it. Most of the people do not or can’t avail themselves of the facilities available. Still they love to live there. Noise pollution is maximum. No peace and quietude. People seldom seem to be relaxed.

One is lonely in a crowd in a city. You meet with an accident, no helping hand you get you are left to die.

City life is full of advantages and disadvantages but disadvantages predominate.

Essay No. 02

Life in A Big City

God made the country, man made the town. Cities symbolize man’s greed for material progress. It is natural then that life in cities is artificial. It is nothing more than earning and spending. Life in a big city is marked by hurry and worry. There is a mad rush everywhere. People are busy from morning till evening. The horns of cars and buses deafen the passersby. There are traffic jams.

Life in a big city is full of discomforts. All the big cities are thickly populated. The pressure of population is felt in every field. People especially the poor have to live in misery. They suffer from all kinds of shortages. There are repeated power-failures. Water-supply is irregular. Hospitals, schools and colleges are over-crowded. Money plays an important role. The atmosphere is stuffy and dirty. There is no proper sanitation. Heaps of rubbish are seen everywhere.

Life in a big city has its own charm. There are beautiful buildings with flowery lawns. There are schools, colleges, cinemas and clubs. The means of transport are many and cheap. There are hospitals with latest techniques and medical facilities. There are beautiful gardens. In cities one comes across educated persons. Newspapers bring latest news. Knowledge about things is refreshed and updated.

Life in a big city is a mixture of opposite elements. On one hand there are palatial buildings. One the other there are slums. Wealth and poverty exist side by side. The people die of hunger and of over-eating. Rich people have fat purses but beggars have empty bellies. People suffer from every type of pollution. In this way life in a big city is one of both joys and sorrows.

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