Essay on “Kindness to Animals” for Kids and Students, English, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12, College and Competitive Exams.

Kindness to Animals

Like human beings animals are also the creatures of God. Animals are equal sharers of natural gifts with men. But it is a pity that men treat animals cruelly. They kill animals to eat their meat. They kill certain other animals to conduct medical experiments. They use animals like donkeys, horses and oxen some animals as beast of burden. They put some animals and birds in a cage for the sake of fun. These animals and birds are doomed to lead a solitary life.

People should know that animals are also living beings. They feel like human beings. The same life runs through them all. Life is as dear to as to human beings. They also love to move and live freely. They as human beings do when they are tortured. They too have physical needs which they want to satisfy. Men should be thankful to them for what they do for them.

People should show kindness to animals just as they do to their pets. They take a lot of care of their dogs, cows and cats. They give them bath and feed them at regular intervals. They clean their place of living. They try to give them comfort. Whenever the pets fall ill, they take them to veterinary hospital. People should give the same type of treatment to other animals also. They should stop eating meat. They should not hunt them for fun and enjoyment.

Some people express the view that if animals are not killed, they will attack human beings. But such people are not right in holding this view. All animals are not dangerous. Nor do all animals kill human beings. Life will become impossible without animals. They must be protected at all costs. Special forests should be made to protect animals. Birds should be kept in sanctuaries for security and safety. Hunting and killing of animals should be prohibited.

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